EISA consistently delivers in all market segments that it operates in, and has the ability to adapt to large and small projects.
    EISA values it's own employees as it's main asset, and continuously contributes to their on-going development.
    ElSA's strategy is to make a successful and profitable company, for it's shareholders an employees alike, and to strive for continuous improvement.

    I. EISA rewards it's employees dedication and achievements with a training program to deliver mutual development, which in turn, provides stability and security.
    II. Solutions, not to blame.
    Rather than waste energy on blame, we strive to be positive and focus our energies into finding the root cause of the problem, and to develop a permanent solution.
    III. Quality can be a luxury that not everyone can deliver on.
    To do so requires a team focused on the same goals. Quality is a characteristic that is evident in the way people present themselves, and how they value their work.
    So let's bring this characteristic into all we do.
    IV. The customer is king.
    Most important is to know the customer, their needs and how they want these delivered. By satisfying the customer's needs, it will help us to develop.
    V. A lot of effort and cooperation is required to achieve complete customers satisfaction.
    We need to consider our customer's requirements while planning the production and be able to overcome any technological difficulties that we may come across.
    VI. Innovation.
    Research and development should always be carried out side by side. However, we need to continuously keep up with the technological improvements and simplify operations, standardize processes, raw materials and supplies and be able to innovate with costs - efficiency.
    VII. We do the best for the production.
    EISA follows high standards of production and good pace of work, and as a result: low costs and efficiency.